Missing Links For Files from CS 301 Computer Architecture


I am currently on Unit 1.3, The Role of Processor Performance. I can download the pdfs but could not find any links to the files that related to these lectures. Any help is greatly appreciated.


the PDF is your lecture. if you want an in depth look on the processor performance, youtube is your best bet. for me the PDF is a learning material. if you stuck on a topic highly recommend that you search youtube on that topic. i do that if i find something new that i don’t understand well enough to even know what it means or it works.

i don’t think saylor academy has the video type of lectures you maybe seeking. only in some courses has lectures not sure which ones though nor do i know if the computer science 1 and 2 has lectures. i have just basically started doing this course a few months ago.

i would say this again go to youtube for the videos on the topics you don’t understand.