More College Algebra Math 001 Test Questions


I’m getting ready to take the Math001 Final and have a little text anxiety. So, two questions…

  1. Are the questions on the final more like the Assessment questions (more complex and multiple choice) or the Practice Test questions (in my option more simple but not multiple choice)?

  2. There have been some questions on the tests/assessments that were not covered in the homework. Will the final include those types of questions? For example, in Chapter 5, I didn’t see a teaching section or homework related to Proportions but the assessment and test both had proportion questions. I know its covered in the text but it wasn’t addressed in the coursework that I am aware of. Any insight to this?



I have bad test anxiety. I use the quizzes to condition my response.


Hi @sean - Anything help we can get from the education team for @kaitlinmay on these questions?


Hi @kaitlinmay – the final exam will be much closer to the style of the unit assessments – multiple-choice with 4 possible answers.

So if you’re just taking the certificate final exam, you can expect 50 multiple choice questions over two hours. If you will also be taking the credit-connected exam, please note that there are 60 questions rather than 50.

As @bernieyeater suggests, the assessments are good practice for timing, what to expect, and employing multiple choice test strategies – work backwards, eliminate and make educated guesses, round off numbers and estimate the answer, solve a simpler problem, etc.