My answers


  1. My topic regards to how PR affects not only news current events, marketing and social media, It affects everything all around us! Public Relations is the foundation of how our news or advertisements gets distributed to our newspapers, television, radio and yes, even social media like Facebook and twitter especially. If there were no public relations, it wouldn’t be human nature through news and communication.

  2. Of course market relies on PR! It is how people/consumers hear about new brands and products. Manufacturers like the Apple Co. or Verizon comes out with newer and better models for cell phones, and contacts PR agencies and invest millions of dollars to making commercials to advertise their new models every twelve months.

  3. Social Media is everything to every living person across the globe. No one barely uses a normal telephone anymore, because every one uses Facebook to talk to their friends and family by typing messages on messenger throughout hours of the day. You don’t have to talk to their friends, you can also save more money by being your own PR and post advertisements, fundraise, add pictures yourself as well. If you want to get your message across to more people than your local friends, you can pay Facebook a little more money and set budget with a certain time frame. I have done it many times, and its easy!

Public Relations is everything and happening all around us. It depends on how we as the consumers, entrepreneurs, or journalists is willing to take advantage of using it.