My PRDV005 Activities


Here is my personal to-do lists for the first activity on Saylor Academy’s Time Management Course:

Today’s List (December 22, 2017):
~ Write Wish List for Santa
~ Finish Making Book Club Website
~ Run 2 Miles on the Treadmill
~ Read Chapter 7 for AP Psychology
~ Read 2 Chapters of Any Book
~ Finish Activity on Saylor Academy
~ Watch APUSH Video
~ Make Crystal Ornaments
~ Buy Secret Santa Gifts
~ Practice DECA Roleplaying
~ Write 1,000 words for book

The Week’s List (December 24, 2017 to December 31, 2017):
~ Edit Book
~ Finish Unit 1 on Saylor Academy
~ Do Cornell Notes for APUSH Chapter 14
~ Clean my room
~ Find activities for tutoring
~ Run at least 10 miles
~ Work on using microscope
~ Memorize my speech and practice
~ Do DECA practice role plays 2, 3, and 4.
~ Go to Mimi’s Mission fundraiser

I used Google Keep. I’m a busy high school freshman who also wants to pursue a career in medics and writing. It is crucial for me to write everyday, so I don’t become less motivated and slack off. Does anyone have any tips?


Time Spent on:
~ Sleeping
Weekend Day: 11 hours
Week Day: 8 hours

~ Personal Care & Chores
Weekend Day: 2 hours
Week Day: 1 hour

~ Working
Weekend Day: 0
Week Day: 0

~ School Assignments
Weekend Day: 1 hour
Week Day: 35 minutes

~ Social Media & Friends
Weekend Day: 3 hours
Week Day: 2 hours

I think that I should spend less time on social media. It would be the most healthy for me to delete my social media accounts and focus more on my projects and actual social life. I am going to try and not go on Instagram for the whole month of January.


Part 1:
I spent about three and a half hours working on unit 2. My first two sections took the longest to complete and my second two took the shortest amount of time. I did it in less time than five hours, because generally I work faster than others.

I think that it took me less than 5 hours because I have done online classes before and I am used to the style of them. Also, I already knew what the Pomodoro Method was, so I didn’t have to spend as much time on it as a newcomer would have. Sometimes, I would watch YouTube instead of working. I think that watching videos was a big distraction.

Part 2:
My Pomodoro Technique Time is:
~ 25 minutes on
~ 10 minutes off
I like working under a deadline because it encourages me to do my work quicker. However, if my work needed more thought to be put into it, I wouldn’t do it under this technique. The Pomodoro Method can be both a motivator and a stressor. Personally, I like a little more time off because I get to do more stuff in between my work.

~ Schoolwork
~ Writing my Book
~ Studying
~ Making my Schedule

~ Not Enough Time
~ Not Enough Inspiration (i.e. Writer’s Block)
~ Negative Outlook

I prioritized my schoolwork and writing my book because those are the two things that I feel like have to get done first.


Here are two other helpful sources I found:
~ Using Aromatherapy to Relieve Stress (
~ 20 Stress Reduction Tips (


Hi, I just recently joined. looking at your list bought me clarity. And I also wanted to let you know that SM takes a lot of time. So I personally have logged of my accounts for the past 2 months and I am so so so much more productive.


I have used Pomodoro technique time, it is excellent technique to increase productivity.