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My visit to the countryside

last week , i went to my brother’s farm .when i arrived i greeted my brother and his family.we had lunch together then had some tea.we had a walk in the farm seeing some animals(cows,hens and dogs) and fields .,beautiful green night , we sat talking and enjoying looking at the stars.i enjoyed that visit so much.

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Last week I went to the grocery store for shopping. There I saw a lot of variety of fruits. Then I picked up a few fruits which were looking so attractive. I came out of the grocery store and went in the clothes section of the grocery store on the above floor. I enjoyed shopping there.

Last year i went to telemcen, i visited zoo and butiful parc,and i stan in hotel 5 days, after i gone to sahara, i learned about tradition and i toke pictures with camel, it’s my extraordinary visit

Last 2 years I am going to holiday with my family at Beijing China. We came on end year of December so that the weather is so cold. Start for winter. That is my first time to being on that weather. The weather reading at that time was 2 f/.(I don’t know how to write) I am so happy going holiday and look around China place also go up the Beijing wall and felt the winter there and the air is so comfortable.

Last year, I went to farm house with my batchmates. The house was so big and beautiful, it has many rooms and a luxurious kitchen and outside of the house there was a big cozy pool and garden. We spent three days there and had so much fun.