My visit to the countryside

last week , i went to my brother’s farm .when i arrived i greeted my brother and his family.we had lunch together then had some tea.we had a walk in the farm seeing some animals(cows,hens and dogs) and fields .,beautiful green night , we sat talking and enjoying looking at the stars.i enjoyed that visit so much.

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Last week I went to the grocery store for shopping. There I saw a lot of variety of fruits. Then I picked up a few fruits which were looking so attractive. I came out of the grocery store and went in the clothes section of the grocery store on the above floor. I enjoyed shopping there.

Last year i went to telemcen, i visited zoo and butiful parc,and i stan in hotel 5 days, after i gone to sahara, i learned about tradition and i toke pictures with camel, it’s my extraordinary visit