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Myself Introduction

Hello everyone, My name is Jeanelyn Ando Dongiapon, 29 years old from the Philippines. I am currently working in Saudi Arabia as a household worker. I can speak Mandayan (my dialect), Visayan, Filipino, English, and a little Arabic.

I am a single parent to two kids (a girl and a boy). I had completed my level 4 the UK qualify diploma in Business Management, which is an online course and want to study more. I prefer to study English because I wanted to learn and improve my English knowledge particularly in writing and speaking skills.

My journey as a working mom and an online student is fantastic because I had learned a lot of things that I had never learned before, but one thing I am proud of is that I achieved my goals to have a certification of achievement in Business Management while working at the same time because I had a characteristic of perseverance.

Although I had completed my course through essays assessment, however, I still struggling with my grammar writing and speaking skills and this is the main reasons I want to study to learn more.

Working and studying sometimes is not easy especially but with good time management and positive outlook, then together we can accomplish our course.

Good luck to all of us and happy learning.

I’m proud to share this with you!


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