Need a study partner?

I’m a chemistry student and I really want to learn about this Python :snake:

really and true

Hi I am looking for a study buddy for python CS105 if interested leave me a message

Hello ,

How is your python course coming along ?

I am just beginning my journey , have been looking around for a good provider
of computer courses for the lowest cost possible , and this seems like it might
be the proper place.

I want to transfer courses to WGU , in computer science or the MBA program.

Wishing much success to you in all your endevors.

Ciao ,


I am Miss White we can be study partners . WhatsApp number +263 78 905 8956. App me and say Saylor Study partner

I’m new to this site and I just enrolled in CS105. I would love to study and share ideas with someone so if you need a study buddy just add me up on Whatsapp or Telegram +233502405027