Need to pass english 1 and 2

I need to pass englis 1 and 2. how to do that?

Hello! Do you need these courses for transferring credit to your school?

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yes . I do do I have to take an exam?

Unfortunately, for ENGL001 / ENGL002, we don’t have the credit option available (i.e the ACE credit recommendation plus proctored credit exam), only the standard non-credit completion certificate. (Our list of ready credit-recommended courses is here: Saylor Direct Credit Courses | Saylor Academy)

There are a few options for credit exams that could be transferable, though:

Of course, I’d recommend checking in with your advisor/school on any of those options before putting in time/energy, but do also let us know your questions; if needed, too, I can always put you or your school in touch with our partnerships team to make sure everyone’s information is up to date.

Im attending Tesu. I need it like now.