New Saylor Academy Study Guide for BUS105: Managerial Accounting

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Begin by learning how to keep track of your business options: BUS105: Managerial Accounting from Saylor Academy will help you make informed decisions for your business.

  • Should you pay another vendor to make the widget you need for your production or create it in-house?
  • Should you buy a new ice cream freezer today when prices are low, or wait until next year and skip the winter storage fees?
  • How much milk should you buy to make ice cream for your customers next summer?
  • How much time should you spend trying to keep a high-maintenance customer?

Our subject matter expert, Tracey Hartley, MS, Accounting, DeVry University, has created this comprehensive study guide that will help you understand managerial accounting, pass the Saylor Academy final exam, earn the credit you need from our partner institutions, and be on your way to being a successful business manager!

Managerial Accounting at Saylor Academy includes the following 11 units:
Unit 1: Cost Measurement and Estimation
Unit2: Cost Management
Unit 3: Short-Term Decision Making
Unit 4: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Unit 5: Differential Analysis
Unit 6: Budgeting
Unit 7: Variance Analysis
Unit 8: Capital Budgeting
Unit 9: Performance Evaluation
Unit 10: Cash Flow Preparation and Use
Unit 11: Using Managerial Accounting: Trends and Ratios

Respond to this message to let us know what you think! We are creating a slate of new study guides this Fall and would love your feedback!

Happy studying!!

Christine Mullins
Education Project Coordinator
Saylor Academy

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Thank you. Study guides are helpful. One question though. There are End-Of-Chapter Exercises and no answers for them, in order to be able to check oneself. Is there a possibility to look into these answers? Thank you

Thank you so much for your question!

I am so sorry, but unfortunately, we do not edit the textbooks we use to help students succeed in this course. As you point out, Managerial Accounting does not provide the answers to the they pose at the end of each chapter.

Feel free to test your knowledge by looking for the correct response in the chapter that precedes the questions. However, we encourage you to use the “End of Unit Assessment” questions within the Saylor course to practice – your performance on these assessments will not affect your final grade. Also, be sure to review the material covered in the Saylor Academy course study guides to prepare for the Saylor final exam.

As you study, make sure you can respond correctly to all of the questions you find in the study guide. I think our faculty member who created the study guide did a great job. I hope you agree!

I wish I could give you a better response, but I hope this helps!


Saylor Academy