New Saylor Study Guide for POLSC201 Introduction to Western Political Thought


Who said, “All men are born free, and everywhere he is in chains?”

Hint: he is from Switzerland and you can learn more about him in Saylor Academy’s new study guide for POLSC201 Introduction to Western Political Thought!

Just in time for the upcoming mid-term election in the United States, our subject matter expert, Valerie Wheeler, M.A. University of Chicago, has created this thoughtful guide to make it easier for you to understand the historical origins and basic theories that provide the foundation for Western political thought and many political communities across the globe.

Introduction to Western Political Thought includes three units: the polis, modern political thought, and liberal democracy and its critics.

In this new study guide from Saylor Academy, Valerie Wheeler points out the information you should pay particular attention to in this inspiring course. She also provides links to the course material you may want to review, so you can successfully pass the final exam.

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Happy studying!!

Christine Mullins
Education Project Coordinator
Saylor Academy


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