New Study Guide for BUS402: Project Management from Saylor Academy

Are you planning a project for 2020? Whether you are building a new addition for your house, organizing an upcoming event, or helping to manage a construction project that is part of your work, as a project manager you nearly always benefit from a plan.

Saylor Academy’s plan is to help you get ahead! In this course we discuss how to create a formal structure that breaks each small and large, simple and complex, process into a manageable unit – so you can create a deliverable or end-product that is on-time, within budget, and meets the expectations of your client (even when that client is you!).

With the astute help of Dr. Lucinda Stanley, we have created this new study guide for BUS402: Project Management which will help you pass the final exam for this Saylor Academy course and help you as you progress on your way!

BUS02: Project Management at Saylor Academy includes the following six units:

  • Unit 1: Project Management Defined
  • Unit 2: Project Life Cycle
  • Unit 3: Organizational Design
  • Unit 4: Project Initiation and Planning
  • Unit 5: Project Execution
  • Unit 6: Project Implementation and Closure

Click on this link to visit our new study guide for BUS402: Project Management.

We are creating a slate of study guides to help you succeed and we would love your feedback! Respond to this message to let us know what you think!

Happy studying!!

Christine Mullins
Education Project Coordinator
Saylor Academy

So grateful for this. Just started BUS402 for credit, love following the guide during my studies. Please continue to make guides for other courses, it’s so helpful.

Thank you for your comment, I am so glad to hear this and so glad we could help! Let us know if you see anything we could improve. And yes, we are trying to create study guides for all of our courses. Good luck in your studies! Chris.

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