New Study Guide for CHEM101: General Chemistry I from Saylor Academy

Don’t trust an atom they make up everything! :joy: Do you have the right chemistry? Whether you want to become a doctor, nurse, or chemical engineer, you need to have a great foundation in chemistry!

Take a peek! Chemistry is all around us: whether you are starting a new career, want to refresh your chemical foundation, or need to know about chemistry for when you write your next journal articles!

Our amazing subject matter expert, Anne Vazquez, Ph.D, Chemistry, University of Michigan, has created a comprehensive new study guide to make it easier for you to succeed and understand chemistry basics, in Chemistry 101.

The chemistry line up includes: matter and measurements, the atom, bonding, chemical formulas and equations, states of matter, thermochemistry and thermodynamics, acid-base and oxidation reduction reactions, and nuclear chemistry.

This new comprehensive study guide includes definitions, images, and description of what you need to know, with links to where you can find the material in the course.

Respond to this message to let us know what you think! We are creating a slate of new study guides this Fall and would love your feedback!

Christine Mullins
Education Project Coordinator
Saylor Academy

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im new here i dont know how to start

welcome, i would advise you to read the syllabus to see what you will be learning and achieve by the end of the course, then go to unit 1 and use the given textbook or PDF file to start off with then carry on to the next subunit in unit 1 etc. to get the files or textbooks in all go to resources that will give you all the learning material that you would need for this course. the exams are free but a proctored exam you will have to use the link provided in the exams section at the end of the course, you will be tested at the end of every unit which these tests will not count towards your final marks from your final exam. if you aren’t share what to do next in this course, please feel free to message me or comment to my reply to your original question.

i wish you good luck with your studies and don’t over do it, remember to take breaks in between.