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New Study Guide for CS401: Operating Systems

We use computers every day, but don’t often think about the operating system that supports them and how they work, synchronously and efficiently. Many of the concepts in computer science not only make logical sense, but the computer engineers who built them modeled them ideas and challenges they encountered in everyday life.

For example, let’s say, you work in a call center and your job is to respond to inquiries from users. Should you respond to each call, first come, first serve, which means you could get bogged down responding to one question that requires an hour of research? Or is it better to respond to 20 inquiries that are easy to answer first, so you can make 20 people happy and deal with the one long response later? Computers have to deal with this same type of issue when they schedule which job they should perform first in the job queue.

Similarly, the Banker’s Algorithm refers to computer scheduling, memory, and how a banker needs to calculate whether the bank should lend money to a customer based on how much money the individual has deposited at the bank.

CS401: Operating Systems helps make computer science understandable, whether you are simply interested in learning how your computer works or compiling building blocks to pursue a career in computer technology.

CS401: Operating Systems at Saylor Academy includes the following nine units. Use this study guide to earn the academic credentials that will help you achieve your education and career goals!

Unit 1: Introduction to Operating Systems
Unit 2: Processes and Threads
Unit 3: Synchronization
Unit 4: CPU Scheduling
Unit 5: Deadlock
Unit 6: Memory Management
Unit 7: File System
Unit 8: Security
Unit 9: Networking

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Happy studying!!

Christine Mullins
Education Project Coordinator
Saylor Academy


Thank You for your time

the computer field is very interesting, I would like to participate in a course to improve my level in its field, the computer helps us in our life and saves us time.

Unit 9 Networking