New Study Guide for ENGL210: Technical Writing from Saylor Academy

Wikipedia says the “dog days of August” refers to when Greek and Roman astrologists associated the rising of the star system Sirius (the dog star), with heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, and mad dogs. It is hot outside! :sunny:

While many students are making plans to return to college during the next few weeks, you can begin your studies at any time at Saylor Academy! Let’s celebrate these “dog days” and chart your own path!

We have uploaded a new study guide for ENGL210: Technical Writing to help you write clearly and concisely for a professional audience, whether you are sending an email to your boss, creating a presentation for a board meeting, drafting a memo to inform your staff about a new rule, or writing a cover letter to obtain a new job or a well-deserved promotion.

You will learn how to communicate clearly using the appropriate professional format when you enroll in ENGL210: Technical Writing at Saylor Academy. This course includes the following 7 units:

Unit 1: Audience Analysis
Unit 2: Internal Communications: Writing Memos and Emails
Unit 3: External Communications: Formal Letters
Unit 4: Using Visuals to Convey Information
Unit 5: Process Documentation
Unit 6: Writing Proposals
Unit 7: Communicating on the Internet

Respond to this message to let us know what you think! We are creating a new slate of study guides to help you succeed and would love your feedback!

Happy studying!!

Christine Mullins

Education Project Coordinator
Saylor Academy