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What do the revolutions that occurred in England, the United States, France, Mexico, Russia, China, Iran, and Eastern Europe during the 300 years from 1689–1989 have in common?

These thinkers believed in the following causes of revolution:

  1. Conflict and social class theory (Karl Marx).
  2. State and political centralization (Alex de Tocqueville).
  3. Natural history or evolution (Crane Brinton).
  4. Social equilibrium theory (Chalmers Johnson).
  5. Globalization (Leon Trotsky).
  6. State and international affairs (Theda Skocpol).
  7. Nationalism (Benedict Anderson).
  8. Peasant revolutions (Barrington Moore).

Join us as we look at the causes and social issues that preceded each of these revolutions. Feed your curiosity, your inkling for history, and your belief that our past can help us predict and plan for our future!

This new study guide for HIST362: Modern Revolutions will help you review, compare and contrast what happened in each country so you can pass the Saylor Academy final exam!

HIST362: Modern Revolutions at Saylor Academy includes the following ten units:

  • Unit 1: What is a Revolution?
  • Unit 2: Revolutions and Modernity
  • Unit 3: Seventeenth-Century England - Revolution or Civil War?
  • Unit 4: The American Revolution - Ideas and Experience
  • Unit 5: The French Revolution and the Birth of Modernity
  • Unit 6: Revolutionary Mexico and the Legacies of Colonialism
  • Unit 7: Revolutionary Russia - Marxist Theory and Agrarian Realities
  • Unit 8: Two Revolutions in China - Liberalism and Marxism in a New Context
  • Unit 9: Revolution and Religion - The Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Unit 10: 1989 - Nonviolence and the End of The Cold War
  • Unit 11: Revolutions in Perspective

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