New Study Guide for HIST363: Global Perspectives on Industrialization

Our new study guide for HIST363: Global Perspectives on Industrialization from Saylor Academy will help you understand how to respond to the following questions. Join us in our latest exploration!

  • Who was Adam Smith and what did he mean when he said an invisible hand seemed to drive the market economy, laissez fair capitalism, and economic equilibrium?
  • Why did Karl Marx believe that the negative aspects of industrialization would cause social and class conflict in our society?
  • Why was England one of the earliest countries to industrialize and how did colonization impact the European economy and those it subjugated?

Join us as we look at aspects of world history from an economic perspective. Feed your curiosity, your inkling for history, and your belief that our past can help us predict and plan for our future!

HIST363: Global Perspectives on Industrialization at Saylor Academy includes the following ten units.
Unit 1: Industrialization and Theories of Economic Change
Unit 2: Ancient and Early Modern Industry
Unit 3: Capitalism, Agriculture, and Industry
Unit 4: The Industrial Revolution in England
Unit 5: The Social and Political Impact of Industrialization
Unit 6: Imperialism and Industrialization in Asia
Unit 7: Mass Production, the Labor Movement, and the Consumer Society
Unit 8: Economic Crisis and War in the 20th Century
Unit 9: Alternative Models of Industrialization
Unit 10: Globalization and Industrialization in the Late 20th Century

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Christine Mullins
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