New Study Guide for PHYS101: Introduction to Mechanics

Many of us take physics as an entry into the sciences. No doubt about it—this is a great free, entry-level course to learn the language of maths, science, and physics. However, if you take the time to watch the videos, study the diagrams, and review the explanations that are part of this course step by step, you will also see that physics is not as complicated or as intimidating as it may first appear.

We hope to help make physics understandable so you will learn how totally relevant it is to our every-day life.

We have just uploaded a new study guide for PHYS101: Introduction to Mechanics to help you learn how scientists think about and document movement, motion, gravity, acceleration, work, and energy.

PHYS101: Introduction to Mechanics at Saylor Academy includes the following nine units. Use this study guide to earn the academic credentials that will help you proceed!

Unit 1: Introduction to Physics
Unit 2: Motion in a Straight Line
Unit 3: Kinematics in Two Dimensions
Unit 4: Dynamics
Unit 5: Circular Motion and Gravity
Unit 6: Work and Energy
Unit 7: Momentum and Collisions
Unit 8: Statics and Torque
Unit 9: Angular Momentum

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Happy studying!!

Christine Mullins
Education Project Coordinator
Saylor Academy

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