New Study Guide from Saylor Academy: BUS403 Negotiations and Conflict Management


Saylor Academy wants to help you begin 2019 by negotiating for a better future!

Whether you are involved in a friendly exchange or a high-stakes conflict resolution, you are participating in a two-way communication with the purpose of reaching an agreement. The same skills diplomats use to negotiate international peace agreements will help you become a more effective business negotiator.

The basic principles of negotiation are the same, regardless of whether you are negotiating a contract with a new employer, writing a real estate contract to buy a new home, or facilitating a new international free trade agreement with China.

BUS403: Negotiations and Conflict Management includes the following six units:

Unit 1: What Is Negotiation?
Unit 2: Negotiation Strategies and Biases
Unit 3: Processes and Phases of Negotiation
Unit 4: Managing Different Types of Business Negotiations
Unit 5: Conflict Resolution
Unit 6: International and Cross Cultural Negotiation

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Christine Mullins
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