New Study Guide from Saylor Academy for BUS301: Human Resource Management



Are you celebrating a recent graduation? Congratulations!! :star_struck:

Saylor Academy has just uploaded a new study guide to help you get to the next step: whether you are working toward your degree, looking for a new job, or hoping to start a new career.

– What is the role of human resource management in today’s business environment?
– What is Affirmative Action?
– What level of salary and benefits should you offer your employees?
– Why is it important to promote diversity and multiculturalism in the global marketplace?

You will be able to answer these questions and more when you enroll in BUS301: Human Resource Management at Saylor Academy. This course includes the following 8 units:

Unit 1: The Nature of Human Resources
Unit 2: Strategic Human Resource Planning and Staffing
Unit 3: Recruitment and Selection
Unit 4: Training and Development/Career Planning
Unit 5: Performance Management and Measurement
Unit 6: Compensation and Benefits
Unit 7: Safety, Health, and Wellness
Unit 8: Labor Relations and Internal Employee Relations

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Happy studying!!

Christine Mullins
Education Project Coordinator
Saylor Academy


I have looked at the new study guide and course and I think its great I think I am going to take it. you never know when information like this could be helpful in some future case especially since I am working in government study.

also what kinds of badges can you get from being involved in the discussion forums?


Hi @anon23258655 this page shows the available badges and their criteria:

We’ve customized a few of the badge icons (hence why some appear different than the rest).

When you’re logged in, check marks will show which badges you have already earned, and you can get back to that page anytime by clicking on the menu icon next to your avatar then selecting “Badges”.