New Study Guide from Saylor Academy: POLSC232: American Government

How does democratic government work in the United States?

Why were Presidents John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and the other American Founders so fearful of the concept of a “tyranny of the majority”?

In what ways has the U.S. government succeeded in protecting minority rights, and where has it fallen short? In what ways have Civil Rights leaders had to fight for the rights of minority populations? What has been the role of the U.S. Supreme Court?

In what ways did the Founders create a “separation of powers” in the U.S. Constitution? What are the responsibilities of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, and state vs. federal governments? How does Congress enact a law?

How does the electoral process work? What role do political parties play?

These questions about American democracy are all discussed Saylor Academy’s new study guide for POLSC232: American Government.

Laura Muth, M.A., Boston University, has created this study guide to help you review this material that is in the course so you can pass the Saylor Academy final exam and be on your way to a successful career!

POLSC232: American Government at Saylor Academy includes the following six units:
Unit 1: American Political Foundations
Unit 2: American Political Behavior
Unit 3: Political Parties, Campaigns, Elections, and Interest Groups
Unit 4: American Political Institutions
Unit 5: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Unit 6: Policymaking in American Government

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