New Study Guide from Saylor Academy: POLSC402: Global Justice

What are human rights? Are they universal or conditional? For example, do certain conditions have to exist before a government can apply certain principles of human rights?

Do poor people have the same right to food, housing, and access to health care as the rich? How about men and women? Citizens and non-citizens? What about ideas of cultural relativism? In other words, should governments make exceptions for those who follow certain religions or cultural traditions?

Do wealthy countries have a moral duty to ensure other countries protect and promote the human rights of their citizens? Do they have a moral obligation to help those who suffer from natural disasters? How about those who suffer from man-made disasters, such as war or genocide?

Meg Bertoni, Ph.D., Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, has created this new study guide for POLSC402: Global Justice to help you review these issues related to global justice so you can pass the Saylor Academy final exam and be on your way to a successful career!

POLSC402: Global Justice at Saylor Academy includes the following seven units:

Unit 1: A Human Rights Context for Global Justice
Unit 2: Some Origins of the Contemporary Justice & Rights Discourse
Unit 3: Political Theory and Global Justice
Unit 4: Empowerment, Agency, and Global Justice: Revisiting the Universal-Relative Debate
Unit 5: Resolving Conflicting Claims for Justice: Revisiting the Individual-Collective Debate
Unit 6: Participation, Rights, Needs, and Global Justice: Revisiting Civil, Political and Economic, Social, Cultural Rights Debate
Unit 7: Final Considerations: Are Global and Justice Compatible in Theory and Practice?

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