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No saylor logo on accredible transcript


Hello, the saylor logo on the print of the accredible transcript seems to have disappeared. I sent a message about it 3 weeks ago, but that was overlooked as usual, so here I am saying it publicly, once again. Thanks!



Did you send the team an email? Or do you mean you posted here previously about it?


still no logo guys


I still see no logo on the transcript. This goes at catholic church speed, I guess.


Oh no! Sorry for the hold up! I have referred this to the Accredible team for quick fixing. To be continued…


@DTdeBruijn, you will be pleased to hear that I believe Accredible has resolved this hiccup. Please generate your transcript again and see that the Saylor logo has reappeared! I have checked this out on Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari, but let me know if you see something other than what you expect! Thanks for your patience.



thx nate.