Nouns, pronoun and adjectifs

Noun Pronoun Adjectif

Desk it new
Girl she pretty
childrens they lovely
Speak He slowly
Rihab she beautifull

maria is a beautiful girl.
she has tall height.

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sofa it clean
girl she beautiful
brother he handsome
kids they lovely

romaric he new; girl nous old; chien she beautifull ; run they swim; office she big; chlid you loudly

umair is intelligent boy
he like car
he live in small house

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It is a new desk
She is a pretty girl
They are lovely childrens
He speak slowly
This is Rihab , she is beautiful

A great new style
her big blue purse

he is naughty boy
My parents are beautiful

Bob is clever.
Sarah is a smart girl.
Animals are adorable.
The Fox is cunning animal.
the big red door

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Fatima is nice.
Her children are lovely.
She loves her husband.
She works hard.
She is shy.

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Baba alkali is a respectful boy.
He is naughty boy
And very handsome

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Desk== big brown Desk
pencil== several big pencils
book== many long books
phone==one thin phone
paper==a lot of papers

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