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Objective Description vs. Subjective Analysis

From the National Gallery of Art, the Madonna and Five Angels: by Italian artist, Giovanni Baronzio.

This 2-dimensional, painting, consists of a conglomerate of basic shapes. The piece has prominent picture planes. The work has the element of value. The painting has an array of positive and negative spaces created by lines. The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. The painting has an altruistic feeling to it, looking at it made me feel blessed.

From the National Gallery of Art, Dancer and Gazelle , by Paul Manship:

This 3-dimensional sculpture, contains the elements of line, shape, mass, space, color/value, and texture. The actual, straight/classic lines. The implied lines create the subject matter. The meandering lines create geometric shapes that define the objects in the sculpture. The density of the work is created by mass/form and volume of the dancer and the gazelles. Three-Point Perspective and Cubism produce the element of space. The color/value relationship is reflected using variations of hue and tone creating the element of texture.