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Hi everyone, my name rebecca, i am 23 years. I am trying something new by applying to eng comp 1 and 2 plus business 1. i need eng comp 2 to start at my school online at western governors university. But i got question for staff or students can i just do my degree here and then start up my business or do i have to go to the school i’m planning and use these certificates for credit like they planned?


Former student here. Saylor does not offer degrees, they offer ACE evaluated classes. That means if your college accepts ACE evaluated credit you can use these classes. If you do not have a college I suggest you check out Excelsior, Charter Oaks College, and Thomas Edison college. They have liberal credit for non traditional education.


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Hi Rebecca (@lala12high) :slight_smile:

Let me start with a “Disclaimer”: I’m NOT affiliated with WGU (Western Governors University) and I don’t have any personal experience with WGU. I’m Portuguese, I live in Portugal and both University Degrees that I completed were in Portuguese Universities. Also, I’m not affiliated with Saylor.org Academy.

@bernieyeater has already written a nice reply to you, in this same topic - Ok restart introduction to me - Let me add the following to his great reply:

In several online degree forums - such as “DegreeForum.net” - several users warn that an important caveat with WGU is that “WGU will not award transfer credit based upon the work identified by transcripts received after your start date.” [at WGU]. You may find that information in the following question and answer at https://www.wgu.edu/admissions/transfers.html :

"What is the deadline for transcript submission?

Because your mentor will use your transcripts to help develop your personalized Degree Plan, it is important we receive official transcripts directly from all the colleges and universities you have previously attended no later than the 1st of the month prior to your intended start date. WGU will not award transfer credit based upon the work identified by transcripts received after your start date."

Also, there is a web page called “Transfer Guidelines - Saylor Academy” - https://partners.wgu.edu/Pages/Transfer.aspx?iid=253 - in the WGU web site and, on that web page, I’m NOT seeing that the Saylor courses ENGL001 (English Composition I) and/or ENGL002 (English Composition II) are accepted as equivalent to the WGU courses “English Composition I” and/or “English Composition II” for several of their degree programs. Have you found any information that states otherwise? What WGU degree are you planning to attend?

Additional references: