"Optional" Sections for 5.3, 5.4 and 6.3?

Hey fellow MA121 students and Saylor staff,

I’m wondering about the “optional sections” 5.3 (Chi Square), 5.4 (Comparing Proportion of Populations), and 6.3 (ANOVA analysis)–whether these are immediately relevant to the MA121 standard certificate exam, not for college credit. If questions on the aforementioned appear on the exam, I will of course promptly go through the material. If they are sections for enrichment, I’d prefer to go through them at a more leisurely pace.

Thanks sincerely for your help!


Hi Calli, I think you’ll be fine without these sections for the regular certificate exam. I would say treat them as “good to know” and take your time with them or circle back later on.

Hey Sean,

Thank you so much for your reply! I was taking the quiz for unit 5, and there was a very heavy emphasis on section 5.4, comparisons of proportions. I may be the worrying type, and was wondering would I be able to discuss any questionable answers or problems (ex. from “optional” sections) for regrading when it comes to the standard cert exam?

Yes, absolutely – students will send us disputed questions (best place is the contact email) and we review, discuss, and make changes as needed, including either not counting the question or giving back credit.

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