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Order of adverbs

Continuing the discussion from Verbs and adverbs:

Jim visits happily to his grandmother evey week.
Joe sleeps peacefully in her room evry night.


I get up early every day
The teacher speaks slowly

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i’m keeping learning evry morning
mu mother speaks quickly
i did my home works today
i study in my room
ièm here to get a certeficate

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Always tidy up my room after I wake up
i did my home works today But I thought I was wrong in asolution
Gather some scientific terms to learn
I watch a video on YouTube

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I write quickly.
<today I am going to drive slowly home.

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My mother cooked the dinner quickly.
I like to study English everyday.
He teach me in order to get a good marks in the exams.
I was last night in the work.

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5 verb and Adverbs

  1. walk- slowly
  2. sing- beautifully
  3. eat- well
  4. sleep- nicely
  5. drink- frequently
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  1. This morning I read slowly a computer’s book.
  2. every day, I lunch at 12:10 o’clock.
  3. This morning, when I getup, I drunk a cup of warm water.
  4. I usually go to work by moto bike.
  5. I usual go to the Zoo at weekend.
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