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Other sources for PHIL103 lecture videos

I am taking PHIL 103 (in Unit 2 so far), and I’ve found the following resources, which may help if you’re trying to catch the lectures on a phone or tablet:

Most of the lectures so far are by Michael Sandel at Harvard. Here is the whole lecture series on YouTube:
You can also find them on the iTunes U app. Searching for “Michael Sandel” will bring it up. The course is titled "Justice."
Since the embedded videos from this series use Flash, they won’t work on an Apple device, but these options will.

The section on Plato’s Crito (2.1) uses a lecture by Stephen Smith at Yale. The embedded video from the course is already from YouTube. However, you can also get this lecture on the iTunes U app. Look for “Introduction to Political Philosophy” from Yale. The third video in this series is the lecture on Crito.