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Our Diploma Pathways are now Certificate Programs

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The certificates formerly known as "diplomas" are back with a new name and a refreshed certificate template.

We are calling the course sequences “Programs” and each program is further differentiated as a [full] curriculum or a specialiazation. Here is an example certificate for the Customer Service Specialization:

Image of an example program certificate for the Customer Service Specialization

You can find the new page here:

Here is what has changed:
Old Name New Name
Diploma Pathways Certificate Programs
Diplomas Certificates
Business Administration Core Business Administration Curriculum
Computer Science Core Computer Science Curriculum
General Education Program General Education Curriculum
Customer Service Certification Customer Service Specialization
The Computer Science Minor and the Business Administration Minor programs have been removed from the page because the "minors" do not make much sense without companion "majors" -- both in name and in content. Program certificates for them can still be obtained, however, and you can find the sequence of courses in our Help Center, under Archive: Saylor Academy Minors.

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We would like to add more programs based on our catalog of courses, and for that, we turn the question to you. Considering especially programs that have already shown demand and value elsewhere (continuing education programs, other MOOC providers, etc.), what collection of our existing courses would you like to be able to document with a single, shareable certificate?
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Hello Saylor team (@jazinheira , @Jeff_Davidson , @sean …)

Currently (December 2018), the URL is redirecting to and that web page does NOT have any longer information regarding “Certificate Programs”.

The “Internet Archive: Wayback Machine” still has a cached copy of the “Certificate Programs” web page - - from March 2018 that shows that, by then, there was information, on that web page, about the several “Certificate Programs” ("Business Administration Curriculum", “Computer Science Curriculum”, “General Education Curriculum” and “Customer Service Specialization”).

Presumably, this issue may be related to the recent Saylor’s web site redesign, that is documented at the following Discourse forum post:

Could you check this, please?

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Following up to my previous post of 20 December 2018: I’ve found out the following April 2019 article, authored by Sean Connor (@sean - Director of Student Affairs of Academy), in the “Miscellaneous” section of the “Saylor Academy Help Center & FAQ”, that indicates that the “Certificate Programs” have been deprecated (“discontinued”):

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Our local community college is offering a Software Engineering Certificate that looks very similar to the curriculum. To bad they discontinued this program. I guess I could still follow the previous course and just get each certificate, but it still wouldn’t look the same on a resume.

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Thanks for resurrecting this topic. Although the certificate programs are unadvertised, the function to issue the group certificate is still there.

The certificate programs that were in place were themselves holdovers from our older majors/minors. Essentially, the decision came down to do more (as we had publicly hoped to do) or do less with the certificate programs. In the end, we went with the latter.

Depending on your interests, you might like what freeCodeCamp has to offer – they’ve been expanding their lessons and certifications pretty significantly in the past year or two.

There ARE some new (non-CS) courses on the immediate horizon, though…to be announced in the next few weeks.

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I have checked out frecodecamp good stuff.

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Just to follow up some more. I signed up for free code camp and hacker rank. Hacker rank is awesome and gives you a code challenge every day (30 days of code). My coding skills are to the point as a controls engineer were they need to be now. Considering becoming a software engineer instead.

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