Outlining and Thesis Statement ( ENGL000)

Please I’m requesting feedback from anyone who understands the art of outlining thought in ENG000. What do you think about mine?


Thesis statement: “Since the domestication of dogs in the 1800s, scientists have just discovered that they are extremely hazardous to keep as a pet.”

by Donald Umeh

I. Introduction

  1. Dogs and its origin
  2. How they became domesticated

II. Canis lupus familiaris.

  1. Canidae Family
  2. Carnivorous in nature

III. Hunting with dogs in the early days

  1. The four-legged hunter
  2. A good tracer/tracker

IV. Health hazards human face

A. Rabies

B. Tapeworm, lukewarm, etc.

VI. The Remedy

  1. Keeping dogs outside the home
  2. Avoid dogs or pets from touching edibles.

VII. Conclusions

VIII. Reference

Hi, Donald!
Good outline and a strong thesis (from which I would only suggest removing the word just).

I do wonder what is the relevance of the “hunting” section to the thesis statement. It can perhaps be logically integrated into the essay successfully, but it’s salience is not readily apparent from the outline.