PHIL102: Creative Thinking

Consider your experiences with thinking creatively. In particular, using a personal experience as an example, discuss whether, and to what extent, one of the strategies in this section for thinking creatively has been/would have been helpful.

In my personal experinceinces of using a situtiation to think creatively if i dont have something my child wants to eat i try to create the same food myself it taste better that way and it saves money one of my three girls is addicted to eating soup and its gotinten to to the point where she only will eat chickin soup…she is so bad horribly addicte. and spoiled. i should have made them eat whatever they didnt like. you got to learn to eat stuff evev if you dont likw plus if youy dont think obou it and just close ur eyse it goes bye really fast.

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Think about a time when you visited a museum or a sculpture garden, or you attended an orchestral performance or a concert by a favorite performer. Did you marvel at the skill, the artistry, and the innovation? Did you imagine how wonderful it must feel to have those abilities?

If you’ve ever had thoughts like this, you must know you’re not alone. It’s hard for anyone to behold a great work of art or performance and not imagine standing, even briefly, in the artist’s shoes.

But when you’ve admired creative works or creative people, have you acknowledged the seeds of creativity within yourself?

You might be surprised to know that everyone has creative abilities: It’s true of everyone who fully expresses creative abilities as well as those who express them very little or not at all. All humans are innately creative, especially if creativity is understood as a problem-solving skill.

Put another way, creativity is inspired when there is a problem to solve. For example, when a sculptor creates an amazing sculpture, it’s an act of problem-solving: perhaps she must determine which artistic style to use in order to create the likeness of an object, or perhaps she is deciding which tools will most suit her purpose or style, perhaps she is assessing how best to satisfy a customer’s request or earn income from her art—you get the idea. In every case, the problem sparks the sculptor’s creativity and she brings her creativity to bear in finding an artistic solution.

Considered as an act of problem-solving, creativity can be understood as a skill—as opposed to an inborn talent or natural “gift”—that can be taught as well as learned. Problem-solving is something we are called upon to do every day, from performing mundane chores to executing sophisticated projects. The good news is that we can always improve upon our problem-solving and creative-thinking skills—even if we don’t consider ourselves to be artists or “creative.” The following information may surprise and encourage you!

Creative thinking (a companion to critical thinking) is an invaluable skill for college students. It’s important because it helps you look at problems and situations from a fresh perspective. Creating thinking is a way to develop novel or unorthodox solutions that do not depend wholly on past or current solutions. It’s a way of employing strategies to clear your mind so that your thoughts and ideas can transcend what appear to be the limitations of a problem. Creative thinking is a way of moving beyond barriers.

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Good explanation and reasonable argument

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Heuristic Creativity is you elude a situation without being affected. Our real creativity comes at work when we are trapped in a problem and take a perspective shift to think from all corners to come to a solution in the limitation of time. I’ve never come a very serious problem, but my agenda is to save time because time is a most important aspect of human life.

Creativity in my opinion is how to save time so more can be done and received within short spree of time. For instance, when I am aware that I am taking out my mother for shopping and I will have to sit in the car for some time. I organise my tasks that I can do while waiting so they are done. This is a problem solving strategy which can be used to complete tasks that need more precise attention.

Therefore, creativity is a phenomenon that can be practiced in daily life and measure your mental capabilities through the outcomes, e.g doing two tasks as one because they are in many ways analogues. Preparing tea and breakfast together because they have crucial binding.

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A feature list is something that I hadn’t heard of before and maybe a useful idea.

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I have one experience with this colleague of mine , he paid some money to buy printer ink from a company and the payment was done online. After some days the goods was not fort coming and he was unable to speak with them because their phone was not going. That made him so worried. He complained to me and to told him not to worry, that he should go the the consular office of the country he paid money to complain.
The advise I gave him was from a book I read months before this incident. And I was only reading the book for informative purpose only. At the end of the day he was fine.

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