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Plato's Republic

I’m on book four currently of Plato’s Republic. I’m having trouble reading it, comprehending isn’t the problem. Just the fact that in my eyes, it’s a dry, boring read, due to the fact that they argue and debate every possible nuance to it’s demise.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Endless argument and debate…reminds me of some people I’ve known! (Maybe me too, on occasion.)

I recall being frustrated by Socrates being kind of a know-it-all whose companions walk right into his logical traps, never saying “actually, I think that’s a bad analogy” or “gosh, that seems like a false dichotomy”.

But the multiple exchanges to confirm that everyone agrees about a really simple point can be tedious. Maybe it would help to say to Socrates/Plato, “Thanks, Captain Obvious, we get it”.

On top of that, the major public-domain translation by Benjamin Jowett is 150 years old and sure shows its age. Seems like a “Plato in Plain English” version would be an excellent public service…

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I feel the same way too when I was reading it. I have finished all my tutorials on political sciences and I started taking the final exams, I can remember I got fed up because I got confused with the back and forth arguments. But I really want to go back to that book four and read it over and over again.

I should probably acknowledge that there is value in the tedium – in seeing the Socratic process at work, in appreciating the structure and discipline of philosophical reasoning – but for understanding the essential ideas in The Republic, I think there is also no shame is reading a good synopsis.

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