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Please delete my accounts


Hi guys, could you please delete my Learn and Accredible accounts? I would like to keep my discourse account though. Thanks! Daniel.

@seanconnor @natethompson


Hi – yes we can! I can’t do it at this moment but made a note, and wanted to let you know I got this.


ok thx!


Both now done – you are set to naught/nought on both Learn and Accredible!


Thank you, Sean! If you could now please delete this discourse account after all, that would leave me only to bid you all adieu… with massive gratitude! I consider myself now an unofficial BA Eng Lit, all thanks to: Saylor Academy!!! Great job, guys!:smiley:


Hi Sean, in case you missed my above message: Please also delete my discourse account. Thank you, Dan.


Hi guys, once again the question: Can you delete my discourse account please? Thanks!
@seanconnor @natethompson @devrit


Hi Dan,

Yes, I can delete your account for you. Sorry to see you go, but very happy to hear that you had a good experience with Saylor and leave with some more knowledge of English Lit and other subjects than you perhaps had before coming across Saylor.