Please help

Hi, I am looking for someone who is a native speaker and getting such help to improve my spoken English. If anyone here kindly response

I am a English speaker, I am up for helping you no problem. Let me know what I need to do to help you  :)) English is my first language. I hope I can help :slight_smile:

Thanks for your pretty words. So, if you have any free time can we discuss various topics so that my English fluency can improve? What’s your opinion , please let me know

Yes, Sounds good. Just let me know how to help you :slight_smile:

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Yes, that sounds like a good plan, whatever works for you friend.

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Thank you very much. Actually, I am a a student of computer science and, I know little about English language but, my problem is that my spoken English is too poor to describe . However I always try to improve it then I think without communicating it’s never be improved. So, if you have any free time in the weekend, then can you able to conversate with me ?
However, are you a female or male? I forgot to tell it. Thanks again for your kind words

I’m so so sorry!! These last two weeks have been really busy for me. Sorry for not responding. Would you consider paying me just a little to help? Cheap. We can make a plan something maybe like every weekend we can talk for an hours or two. The weekends are my time to do nothing. Hahaha but I will be willing to help for cheap cheap :slight_smile: let me know if you would still like my help, if not I totally understand. I got distracted with life and I’m sorry for not replying sooner :frowning:

I am a male

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You mean money?
Then how much?
I told you that I know know English enough to run my business but I should improve my spoken English.
And it’s okay for delaying. Thanks