Please provide feed back for Unit 2 PRDV005 assignment

Greetings to you all would you be so kind as to give me feed back for my unit 2 assignment task I had to say why or why it didn’t take me 5 hours or less to complete four sub units.
Each sub unit I gave a certain amount of time to do,For example sub units 1-2 .I gave one hour and a half to complete each unit.I did this because it was something brand new to me and I wanted to devote more time at the beginning to complete each task.The sub units 3 and 4 I gave an hour each to complete.In total five hours were spent to do these units.I didn’t experience much difficultly in doing any of these tasks,but I must admit some I found more enjoyable than others.

As far as part 2 and the Pomodoro technique time I used the 25 minutes working with five minute break. the things that needed my immediate attention and were out of my controL were the most difficult.I like the Pomodoro technique and would recommend it for any one that has a busy schedule.Thank you for sharing it with the class .I can see myself using it today ,tomorrow and in the future.

Thank you for commenting.
Abdul Kareem Muhammad.


Thanks for your sharing your thoughts on the Pomodoro technique - do you think it will benefit others if they give it a try?

This unit was quit helpful to me in as it improves my way of handling my customers better. As a matter of fact I spend less time in my assessment segment because I have been able to read through the unit and other people’s contribution in the discussion forum which has help increase my speed. obviously this course is amazing and helpful in my daily interaction with my customers

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