Please provide me feedback about my to do list

I’m taking a Time and Stress Management course here at Saylor one of my assignments is to ask the forum here to provide feedback about my to do list for a day and week. Although I still enjoy the older method of paper and pen to make a to do list since taking this course I’m now considering other methods of making to do list such as Any do www,any and remember because these two methods work best for me in my everyday life,


Get up early to pray.
Go out to pick up groceries.
Do some laundry.
Work on my course at Saylor.
Fold and out away laundry.
Prepare a lesson plan before tomorrow.
Send emails to family and co workers.
Iron clothing for work tomorrow.

My Week To Do List :

Monday :
Get up early to read before work.
Contact family members.
Check to see if you have all ingredients you need for this evenings dinner.
Go to the supermarket if you need anything else you didn’t get on the weekend.
prepare your work clothing for the next working day.
Time permitting work on course from Saylor .

Important meeting at 11:ooam all staff must attend.
Sign up for staff development at work.
Meet friends for lunch.
Work on Time and stress management course at Saylor.

Pick up dry cleaning.
Rearrange work schedule with a co worker for tomorrow.
Do lessons from course at Saylor.

Work out in the morning or afternoon which where ever time permits.
Do lessons from course at Saylor.

Go to the post office to send off package.
Attend religious services.
Pick up dinner from your favorite restaurant.
Catch up on some reading.

Shop early in the morning.
Meet up with friends in the afternoon.
Do a through house cleaning.
Do laundry

Don’t forget to watch that documentary you wanted to see.
Call friends to see what they got plan for this afternoon or evening.
Go for walk

Thank you in advance for commenting,