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Please think little more about the below question

Hi, I have a question for you all .
Do you actually think, can just writing English articles improving your skill of spoken English?
Apologize for this question, but this is a huge bug question.

It helps. And you don’t have to apologize, we are all here to learn.

Answer my question please , if you think little bit about it. Thanks



I actually believe that improving your skill of spelling the words correctly in English is absolutely up to the communication, which means, you can never learn how to have a good English accent if you do not practice and communicate with people who are there either to learn of help you learn English.

Thank you,

There is a definite fundamental rule both for spoken and written English. One has to speak in English as much as possible to increase his/her fluency and accuracy in English. Writing in English helps to increase our efficiency in written English.

Yes writing English article improves you skill of spoken English.

First of all you don’t have to apology
Indeed writing articles or even your daily routine can improve your skill of spoken english but i think there are a lot of ways like lisening and speaking with natives speakers and why not reading books , don’t focus just on wrting try all this ways.

Yes i am hère to learn

yes it helps and you can Consider it like a challenge because it push you to test your potential