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POLSC101: Helpful link for 2.1

Hello, fellow-students,

I’m going through the Introduction to Political Science course and have found it to be very informative and interesting. In Unit 2 Section 1, a couple of articles are listed for reading - American Government and Politics in the Information Age, v1.0: “Chapter 6: Preamble” and “Chapter 6, Section 1: Political Culture.” The link leads to the Preamble, but there is not a link to Section 1, which left me a little confused about what I was supposed to be reading. Below is a link to Section 1 for your reference; this article covers a lot of important information, and you don’t want to miss it!

Happy studying!

  • Kaley

Hello, again,

I would also mention some additional content that I read in conjunction with the assigned reading in Unit 2 Section 6 on elections. Listed in this section is “Voter Turnout since 1945: A Global Report”; in addition to the assigned pages, I also read pages 61-66 which briefly describe voter turnout trends in the United States over time, as well as some challenges related to voter registration and participation today. It was a quick read, but I felt that it gave me a helpful historical framework from which to view this issue in my own country. If you are a political science student in the U.S., I recommend that you at least scan through it.

Happy studying,

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