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POLSC231: "Introduction to American Politics" - Errors, typos, link changes, etc

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m starting this thread/topic in order to group, in just one thread, all the errors, typos, link changes, etc for the POLSC231 - “Introduction to American Politics” course. I’m doing this inspired by what @Paul_Morris has done for the PHYS101 (Physics 101) course “Introduction to Mechanics”, in the PHYS101 Errors, link changes etc topic.

To be honest, I’m not following that course “POLSC231” course, but I just noticed there are two typos in the YouTube video for the “Course Overview”:

Course Overview: Introductoin to Amercan Politics - Political Science 231 - YouTube

As you can see, in the video title above, there are two words that are misspeled:

  • “Introductoin” - should be “Introduction” (the “o” and the “i” near the end of the word are reversed)

  • “Amercan” - should be “American” (the “i” is missing)

I hope this is helpful :slight_smile:

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Its quite helpful. However ,I’m still reading the topic to grasp more before I can begin to add my comment.