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POLSC402: Link not working

The link to the article “Why Cultural Rights Now?” doesn’t want to open. Not sure if there’s somewhere else to read it or if it just needs to be removed.

I’m sorry for the trouble – you should be able to access it directly here:

We probably have it wrapped in the “Internet Archive” link because the original was down or unavailable at some point in the past, but some people will have trouble accessing the Archive link (for example, I’m currently using a VPN service that prevents me from getting to Archive links, and the Archive is blocked in some countries as well).

EDIT: if you encounter more problems with links that start with, try loading the original link that starts halfway through; for example, if you take away the first part of the problem link:

…you will get:

But if the original website is down and the Internet Archive is blocked in your location, you can also try to search for the original website using the Biblioteca Alexandrina, at: