Poorly phrased answers to unit 6 test question 11

According to the Khan academy lectures in the syllabus, CAM plants usually have their Calvin cycles during the day. They merely fix CO2 in preparation for the Calvin cycle at night.

If Khan Academy is wrong about this, please put a correction in the course materials.

Thanks – I agree the answer options are a bit confusing by implying the Calvin cycle would take place entirely at night in CAM plants, rather than just the carbon fixation part of the process.

We’ll take a closer look and update as needed.

Thank you! I think Sal from Khan academy (I misspelled it before) got around this by clumping the carbon fixation as a “light-independent reaction” with the Calvin cycle. But I don’t know if “light-independent reactions” is a standard term in biology.

I wasn’t able to say this in my first email because typing on my old tablet is cumbersome, but thanks to everyone at Saylor for putting together such a great biology course. Since graduating from college with a social science degree, my career has led me in a different direction than I expected, and I need to prove a certain level of bio and chem literacy in order to advance. It’s great to have access to college-level courses without having to pay tuition all over again.