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PRD V005 Time and Stresss Management. Unit 2 Time Estimate Activity

Part 1
For Each subunit I Spent
2.1 59mins
2.2 24 mins
2.3 5mins
2.4 32mins
The unit was done in less than 5 hours which was the set time.

It was less than 5 hours because I saw the instruction on taking note of the time and i had an idea it was important. Furthermore, I resolved that if I’m taking a course on time management , why not be diligent in keeping to time as per the duration of the unit.

Part 2
my pomodoro technique was 1hr intervals. Stressors I encountered was popup messages due to the fact that I worked with internet. I just prioritised not looking at them till when I was done with the task at hand.

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Well done! :clap::clap: