PRDV002 Unit 1 9.1


Write a text message in your normal use of language. It should use all your normal abbreviations (e.g., FWIW, IMHO, LOL), even if not everyone understands them.
Find an example of an e-mail that you wish you had never sent or received. Rewrite it to eliminate the characteristics that you find problematic. Share it with your classmates.
Choose at least three e-mails you have sent or received that are good examples of business communication. What makes them good examples? Could they be improved in any way? Share your suggestions with classmates.
When is e-mail inappropriate? Why?
Find a “flame war,” or heated discussion in an online forum and note how it is handled. Compare the results with your classmates.
In your experience, how do people behave when they interact online? Share your observations with your classmates.

1 Hey! Whats up. Are you doing anything today?
2 It was an email to my father explaining why i didn’t want to go to college anymore. I probably could have worded it differently.
3 I dont have any.
4 When it contails any harrassment or NSFW topics
5 In a craft group im in on facebook. The leader of the group took each of the people in dispute and asked wheat the problem is and found a solution they both were happy with.
6I can see that most people online are judgemental.


What’s up
I was emailing them saying i was not going to the game today. I should have call earlier.
any harassment or NSFW topics
In a group texts the team leader of the team took each of use in dispute and asked what the problem is and found a solution they both were happy with.