PRDV005 3.2: Eliminating Distractions


Please write down a list of your top 10 distractions and ideas you have gotten from this course about how you can avoid them. Share your list and your solutions here.

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Top 10 Distractions:
1: Demands of Family (Home maker during most days, part time consultant, sales supervisor, and coach on nap times and evenings)… It is hard to get everything done I need to do for the home to run efficiently with all the demands of my family. The solution has been implementing a to-do list and a planner. I bought a planner and tried to-do software thanks to the inspiration I found in this course!
2: Pinterest - solution is to schedule weekly time devoted to pinning and add that onto my list, then I don’t waste time or use it to procrastinate
3: Interruptions (texts, emails, calls) - I let friends and family know I’ve scheduled a certain amount of time for school that I must commit to, like a job, then actually keep my integrity and follow through. I turn off phones and encourage them to have fun without me and feel less guilty as I have scheduled time in the planner for friends/family.
4: Saying yes to too much - I’ve stopped and use my planner to “consult” if I’m able to take on more responsibility; I have begun saying no so that way when something comes around I really want to do I can go do it and not be tied up with things I’d rather not be, or unaccomplished with my own “to-do” goals.
5: Housework - I realized for the next 8 weeks while I take classes, and study for a board exam housework and projects are distractions from what I really want which is to renew a certification and pass my board exam in September. Letting someone help me is hard, because of my ideals to get things just the way I want them, but I also need to look at the bigger picture. A clean house will not get me a nice salary, but some certificates and credentials sure will!
6: Shopping online “for convenience” only to realize I need to waste time and money shipping something back or returning it since it’s not as expected or wrong item. Solution - shop in a store to save the hassle time and money.
7: Late night habits - tv, wine sipping, snacking. Prevents me from getting proper sleep and looking and feeling my best. Solution - schedule it instead of doing it frequently or in spells. Try to have that downtime as it’s good for me, but limit it so as not to fritter productivity time away.
8. Child raising while trying to accomplish too much professionally - Maybe hire a hs student or college student in family/life/social work major who could use experience nannying so I can be less distracted for 2-3 hr a few times a week.
9. I cant think of two more things, I really do feel that even listing these has made me feel much better about the distractions and solutions! Writing the goals down is helpful and motivating.

Thanks for considering my post, have a good day.



Phone calls is at the top of my list of distractions. I don’t receive a lot of phone calls, and I’m not one to chat on the phone every day; however, I feel so relaxed the moment I set the “Quiet” feature on my phone. Knowing I am free from hearing the phone ring for a guaranteed number of hours puts me in a “Go” mode with a higher focus on my studies. Consequently, I’m more successful in meeting my study goals and feel more satisfied with my progress. With my list checked off and the “Quiet” mode expired, catching up over the phone is largely more welcomed and enjoyed. :relaxed:



i am usually distracted by television so the only solution is to put off the TV

my telephone also distract me and listening to people discussion around me the only solution i can give to my problems is to 1 put off the TV 2 give my phone to someone 3 and also stay away from the place where people are


My Top 10 Distractions:

  1. YouTube
  2. Family
  3. Social Media
  4. Noise/Music
  5. External Websites
  6. Other Projects
  7. Friends
  8. Schoolwork
  9. TV
  10. The Want to Play During Extra Free TIme


phone calls - on silent with school as only allowed calls or wherever my kids are
emails/texts- spend certain amount of time daily like paperwork and mail and then only emergency
mail- sort it when it comes in
Social Media- not allowing during work time and/or limiting
Noises- playing soft non lyric music
Websites - focusing on task at hand maybe pomodero
Family, kids, mom, sister, husband-designating time unless emergency
TV - off when working
house chores - delegate and do as needed
paperwork - schedule time to do it


Thank you Hope. I loved how you put this together. You made a very thoughtful response. It inspired mine to be more thoughtful and being said I got more out of the assignment in the end.

Best regards,


My Top 10 Distractions:

3.Social Media
5.External Websites
10.The Want to Play with my kids


Glad I saw your post. Sometimes we just say things are distractions but until we list them like you do, only then can we focus on correcting it. Online shopping. Oh me, oh my. Once I get on Amazon, I cannot get off of it.

  1. Personal text- the solution is to turn my phone on silent and leave in my bag so i don’t touch it to text back or read personal texts.

  2. Snap chat- solution is to not think about what my friends are posting so i don’t try to go look

  3. financial problem- the solution is to try not think about my bills when i’m at work and try to save more

  4. family situation- i will discuss my problem at home

  5. gossiping coworkers- i will ignore all the gossiping and try to focus

  6. shopping online- its only wasting time that not doing my job

  7. being tired- i will try to go to bed early so i don’t be so tire at work

  8. brake time exercise- i will go for a walk so i can relax my mind

  9. ringing phone- set my phone on silent and tell my cowokers to do the same

  1. coworkers wont leave me alone- i will talk to them about respecting my work time

  1. When a professor talks the whole period without stopping and discussing with the class.
  2. When people have side bar conversations while the professor is giving a lecture.
  3. Alot going on in or around me.
  4. When im sitting in one spot.
  5. When my schedule gets busy.
  6. Having to repeat the same information constantly when people dont listen to you.
  7. When too many people talk at one time.
  8. When people talk while i talk.
  9. When i have alot of classwork and homework i tend to get distracted at times.
    I only had 9 distractions.