PRDV005 3.3: When it is All Too Much

Please explore the different avenues that exist for people to find help when their stress is more than they can handle on their own. List any additional resources you find here.

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Rest if you must, but never give up!

I got this from a poem I once read:

Don’t Quit, by John Greenleaf Whittier

Be encouraged!


the person should get a rest and then eat something nutritious


Take a rest by taking a deep breath properly about 5 minutes, it helps.

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The person should lay down and rest along with thinking about the things that made them happy, if that not good enough then that person should be around that understand what going on and help without pushing

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get as much sleep you can at night time. talking to someone is better then keeping everything to your self. and never give up!

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Methods Of Stress Reduction-Based on my personal experience.
When you are in stress, you have to follow the below methods. I have written, all these things based on my personal experience.

Pick your mobile into your hands and talk to your dearest friends about your past memories which you have spent with them. Ask about your college mates, especially girls and enemies. Where are they and how they are doing?. Sure definitely you may get some kind of relaxation by listening those words from your friend’s. I believe good friend is the best medicine for worst disease.
Open your old photos which ever you have with you currently. Go to each by each photo and imagine you are there right now and imagine how you enjoyed over there.
Go for long drive alone or with dearest friends to adventure something. While going on the way try to interact with many people and find out good things. Ask them more questions about their culture, living life and their problems. During this journey you will get to know some adventures things.
If you have your favourite meeting spot, you can go over there along with friends or alone. Chit chat with them for some time, if not sit over there as much as time you can spend time by remembering past chit chat things.


when feeling this stressed, it is imperative NOT to isolate which is always the 1st response. Starting a fitness routine is a great way to lower cortisol which in turn will lower your anxiety.


For me, once stress gets too much to handle I try to open up to a trusted friend. I believe one of the keys to overcoming stress is having healthy relationships and also always occupying our minds with positive thoughts

To be honest I find that I am hardly ever overwhelmed by a situation. When I find myself getting anxious, I ask myself how my worrying will help the situation? Immediately, I start to analyse the situation and try and find solutions instead. I have mastered this so much so that I hardly ever panic in situations where most people would be totally thrown off.

Sometimes people get so overwhelmed with all the daily stressors in their lives that they simply just give up and stop living. There are many ways to help with this. One of them is to seek help. Sometimes talking with a family member or close friend is not the same. I would suggest counseling if thoughts start spinning out of control. Sometimes going to the doctor can help as well. Ask for help. Always be sure to check in with the people around you. If there is something you can do to help someone in need or to take something off their plate, sometimes that is all a person needs. Share coping skills and ways to reduce stress with others. I have learned a lot by taking this course already.

Rest is mandatory after work and it is better to follow pomodoro technique for rest. Better sleep of night is also is necessary. Try to discuss things to other to have a better idea and is excellent way to tackle with unknown things

Be around positive people.
Learn how the work can be done.
Change your habit with dealing with work.

I have tried lots of different methods to help when my stress is more than I can handle on my own. The strategies that I have found that work wonders for me these:
1- I do what I learned as a “mind dump”. that is where I write down all the things that are stressing me out, things I can’t control, I can’t change, or I am concerned about
2- calling my accountability partner and sharing what all the stressors I have and what is going on with me
3- I will start my day by reading the daily thought from my book “Jesus Calling” and then I spend 10 minutes of silent meditation and breathing. I use many YouTube sites such as this one or peaceful music and sounds.
4- I will walk or stretch when I feel my shoulders getting tight and sore.
5- I get a nice large glass of water with cucumbers or lemon and I will get a protein snack of cheese or nuts.
Sometimes I have to start my day over!!