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PRDV005 Personal to -do lists


We are asked to post 2 types of to-do lists.
My weekly one looks like this:
-do laundry/ house chores
-check emails
-1-hour reading
-1-hour deal with priority matters
-write for 30 minutes
-30 minutes studying business
-30 minutes cleaning the office
-1-hour editing
-30 minutes relax
-30 minutes social media
-30 minutes marketing
-1 hour dealing with priority matters
-30 minutes preparing everything for dinner
-clean kitchen and pack away items around the house
-discuss planning for next week
-light yoga session
-30 minutes watch TV.

My weekly is similar to this list but includes a doctor’s appointment, church and visiting a friend.

Any thoughts to improve? What techniques do you use?


I have some problems with time management, so I am going to try this


Hello, I am new to the course though I utilize to-do lists at work and when I attend classes. I tend to write everything down on paper because I remember things better through muscle memory. I would suggest also looking up the Productivity Planner Method and the Becky Higgins’ To-Do List method. My daily schedule appears as follows:

Saturday, July 29, 2017
Tasks to Complete:

Get ready for the day

Dishes (soak food containers)
Take out the Trash
Make my Bed
Organize my school supplies
Get a hair cut
Replace those materials needed and order a planner

Plan Semester Budget
Review Course Materials and Finish this Course
Review Constitutional Law Materials
Sort clothes and other supplies to either donate, recycle, or reuse for the coming academic year

My weekly one changes depending on whether or not I am working or have a special occasion/going to the store to by something.


for My to do list I Still use a traditional handwritten planner, I Break My tasks into Hourly Sections and note which goals are reflected in each task. I make sure to leave time for emergencies

8am-9am Email Response
9am-10am Project Task (business goal)
10am-11am Studying (education goal)
11-12am Client calls (business goal)
1-7pm* sleep
7pm-9pm Project Task studying (business Goal/ education goal)
9-10:30pm Personal Time
11pm-6am Work (finacial goal)


Let me be honest, my todays to-do list looks pretty much identical to everyone else’s. I start every day off like Mark McGunnis’ E-book recommended, with a creative activity that is in alignment with my personal priorities. Then I review my daily planner. Thirdly I move on to the high priority items on the list. As I go I check things off the list and make notes or update the weekly planner. If something dose not get completed I catch it in my daily and weekly reviews.

-MRI diagnostic
-Loose Moose theatre
-Vipassana volunteering
-email Fred weekly work plan’s schedule
-email Sam about presentation cancelation



-prepare and eat dinner





By far the most interesting aspect of this Unit were the to-do apps that are provided. Evernote and Google feel somewhat passé for me now. But Instapaper, Rescue Time and Remember the Milk, WOW! If I didn’t have a moderate level of paranoia I’d create an account for all three right now! I suppose nothing is ever completely free and data is the new ore :wink:


I tend to not right things down. I tried the Google and the good ole pencil and paper to do list methods.

Call Dr make appt
Get son ready for outdoor lab
Wash sleeping bag and backpack
Buy small pillow
Get inhaler
Go to school function
Update calendar
Pay bills


@d1n95l_wh9t5 I like how you break it down to times as well.