PRDV005: Time and Stress Management 83

Activity: Make two to-do lists, one for today and one for the next week. Please experiment. Use the discussion forum to share your real or hypothetical to-do lists to get feedback. It will take a while to decide how much you can do in a single day, in a single week, even in a year. Be patient.

Hello all, I selected Google Keep to experiment with a to do list. I like this system because it is linked to my Google account and the reminders come straight to my phone and watch. I can honestly say I am not the most organized person and I do constantly for get important appointments and events. What are some tips you use to help stay organized?


Hi @agreer0010! I like Google Keep as well, and have used Google Tasks as I can access tasks on any device. I’m also a bit “old school” and keep a paper close by for notes and shopping lists. Good luck with your lists!



I enjoy learning the topocs and as i have prior knowledge about time and stress management it helps me enjoy more of the additional learnings😊


the pomodoro technique helps me to become more productive by having snack every after 25 minutes and browse music videos after 25 mins again getting back to work with energetic mind😊


I really like this course of Time and Stress Management, it is actually help me to understand what I need to do and what time I have to do it.
Also help me to make my own To-do List by using this application Wunderlist :wink: :slight_smile:


I am also “old school” using paper and pen for note taking and as another method for my To-Do List. For years I have also used features from Google to set my reminders for everything.


For me to begin using the Promodoro technique, I downloaded an app called “Focus.” So far I do like it, but since I am currently working from home I continuously receive emails, which had become a stressor for me because I want to multitask and am forcing self discipline. Any tips would be welcomed.


Hi everyone!

I am a “pen and paper” kind of girl when it comes to making my to-do-list. I am actually planning to download some mobile app that best suit me. This course has been very helpful to me.


I don’t describe myself as a well organized person, but I have found a weekly goal setting pattern that works really well for me. I map out goals every week during a an hour-long meeting where I’m already bored, so there’s nothing better to do, and I include necessary to-do list items as well as silly fun things I want to make sure I get to. The next week, I review which goals I met and award myself a point for each item met, and the points can be cashed in for treating myself in different ways. In addition, when I have a lot on my plate, I’ll make daily to-do lists in the notes of my iphone. Sometimes I’ll also assign time limits for how many items I want to have completed at different times of the day. I don’t specify which items need to be completed by these different times, to allow some freedom and flexibility. I’m a bit of a chaotic person by nature, so I avoid rigid systems and routines. But I’ve found my personalized methods of organized chaos work perfectly for me.

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I am an elementary Media Specialist (I moved from the classroom 4 years ago). I am always trying to be more organized as I’m also a mom to two and have a part time job as well.

Lately, I have found using Google Keep Notes on my phone works best for me. I always have my phone with me and it’s easy to copy the notes and send them as text messages if I need to share the information.

I check email when I get to work, on my break, and at the end of the day. Being a teacher, I often need to make sure parents know I’m listening to their concerns, so I try to respond quickly. I don’t like to leave emails from my fellow teachers if they need help or support.

I also make sure that when I’m creating my to-do lists that I look at what is due when and that’s how the list is created. It’s harder for me when it’s just something I’d like to learn how to do or sounds interesting…I might add it to my to-do list, but if things become hectic, it gets moved to the next to-do list…that’s what I need to work on, how to start working on new, fun projects.