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PRDV005: Time and Stress Management, Topic: Unit 1: Introduction to Time and

Please give me feedback on my personal to-do list above.


looks like a good schedule.

Thanks a lot.

Very busy…though extremely organized

Very detailed and organized.

Where’s lunch and tea…

That’s TREMDEOUS! So beautiful, such an Inspiring To-Do List. Keep up, Muhammad.

I like it…you make time to take a nap

Great time management

Looks good.

Can you please tell me how you uploaded your To Do List? I do not see a link or a place to upload it. Thank youTo Do Lists Saylor.pdf (90.9 KB)

Looks great. How did you train your body to take a nap at a certain time?

Tight schedule, and thus, need some rest and leisure time for refreshment.

I think you should allow yourself more time to transition between tasks.

well organized and detailed.

The schedule looks fine to me you even gave yourself resting time.

Looks great!!

Great but I think you need to pay strong heed to the time logs;time regulations

Part 1

Look at your time log for Unit 2. How much time did you spend on each of the four subunits in this unit? The paragraph that introduces Unit 2 projects that students can complete this unit in 5 hours. Did you do it in less time or more? Why is that?

Please write a one-paragraph reflection on why it took more or less than 5 hours. Did you have prior experience or prior knowledge about time management? Were there particular or unusual distractions you faced during the time you were studying the materials in Unit 2 that caused you to spend more than 5 hours in this unit?

Answer: To answer the question, it took me 2 days and over the 2 days I set aside 2.5 hours from my day to get through Unit 2: Identifying Stressors and Distractors. I made sure I told my co-worker I was in a class and not to distract me. I did not have prior knowledge of time management, and this was a learning experience for me. At home, the distraction was more because my kids needed help with things so I completed that and told them not to distract me because I was in class. I completed it over a two day period.

Part 2

Find your Pomodoro technique time. Write about what your productivity using this technique. Examine your priorities and the stressors associated with those priorities. Write down what you prioritized and why. Use the discussion forum to share your Pomodoro time and get feedback.

Answer: I did not know about writing down time, so this is very new. I have started by following this schedule:

6:00 AM-Wake for Work 7:00 AM-On my way to work 8:00 AM- Working or in a meeting 9:00 AM-Break for 15 mins. 10:00 AM-Working 11:00 AM-Working 12:00 Noon Entering data in the system 1:00 PM- Entering data in the system 2:00 PM Entering data in the system 3:00 PM-Driving Home
6:15 AM-In the Shower 7:15 AM- at work 8:15 AM- Entering data in the system 9:15 AM-Back at work 10:15 AM-Working 11:15 AM-Working 12:15 PM Entering data in the system 1:15 PM Entering data in the system 2:15 PM Entering data in the system 3:15 PM-Arrives home
6:30 AM-eating breakfast 7:30 AM-getting my programs started 8:30 AM- Entering data in the system 9:30 AM-Working 10:30 AM-Working 11:30 AM Entering data in the system 12:30 PM-Lunch for 30 mins. 1:30 PM Entering data in the system 2:30 PM-Break for 15 mins. 3:30 PM- Preparing Dinner
6:45 AM-Eating breakfast 7:45 AM- working 8:45 AM- entering data In the system 9:45 AM-Working 10:45 AM-Working 11:45 AM Entering data in the system 12:45 PM-Lunch for 30 mins. 1:45 PM Entering data in the system 2:45 PM-Leaving Working 3:45 PM-Cooking Dinner

I stop there but I relax after completing my dinner and help the kids with homework. I go to bed by 10 Pm so I can get my 8 hours of rest for the next day. I priorities my important and urgent things at work. I put off things that I can complete later for another day. Example is I would complete entering a credit for a student first, but I would put off pulling a student’s folder for copies until the next day. If my boss as me to complete a task, I would complete the task he would assign first, then complete other important things, but not urgent later. I have always been able to work like that because that how I was raised to handle things in my life. I mess up sometimes because am not perfect, but I try not procrastinate with things no matter what it is.


The given schedule is very detailed and apparent care was taken in creating it.