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PRDV005: Time and Stress Management (Unit 2)

Unit 2 Time Estimate Activity

Part 1
It took me about 2 hours out of 5 to complete this unit. I watched the videos in the main YouTube site to increase the lecturer’s speech pace. I sometimes paused to take notes.

In the first video, I stopped to install the Todoist app and compared that with the app I was trying to use, which is Google Tasks. I haven’t really used this one often but I would like to. I’m still using pen-and-paper.

Anyway, what got my interest was the idea to track most things externally and to use our brains mainly to learn. As a person who overthinks a lot, this reduced my worries.

In the next videos, here are the concepts I got:

  • Consciously think about priorities
  • The true stressors are,
  1. False self
  2. Ineffective communication
  3. No higher belief
  • Prioritize based on your personal Eisenhower Matrix
  • Don’t react to a problem, respond
  • Use a linear, or parallel pursuit to efficiently complete a task

Part 2
I am trying to use a 20-minute pomodoro time to get up my chair and walk around. Not necessarily a 5 minute break every time.

My priorities this year are:

  1. Review for my licensure examination. I wasn’t completely serious when I was studying at university. I didn’t have any plans at those moments to prepare me for this particular point in my life. It’s becoming a struggle. The stressors that are affecting me with this priority is ineffective communication and a false-self who is saying that I don’t have enough time to review in order to get my license.
  2. Inner Peace. I am increasing my physical activity by cycling and walking more since July 1st this year. It feels alright but right now, it still feels like a chore I have to do. I know I will regret stopping so I’m pushing through. I hope to achieve this priority to help me with my first priority.

To anyone who would want to give feedback:

  1. I would like to know how managing your time has helped you achieve mental clarity.
  2. How many months did it take you to integrate writing a to-do list in your life?

Have a Good Day everyone!
Have Fun Learning


Great thoughts on all of this!

I have been using to-do lists for awhile, but I was guilty of having multiple post-it notes in addition to the long list. I find that I work best when I take some time at the beginning of the week to brain dump tasks, and then sort them throughout the week. I just need to be more consistent in performing that organization every week.

I like your idea of 20 minute pomodoros. And I am wishing you best of luck on your priorities for the year!

Hello neekubee, so I’m responding to your Time estimate task that we are required to complete. So it took me just over 3 hrs. to do the required task, mainly due to several distractions/ responsibilities etc. that take place daily. I recently moved in with my elderly parents to assist dad with taking care of mom who has dementia and their both now 93 years young.

Secondly I am a recovery cancer survivor and am considered a very good particle remission patient. But moving in with my dad after living my own life away for 35 years had been quite the challenge to say the least. I was quite stressed with how i was living and the poor decision I made to make my life off kilter prior to moving in with dad. So these courses suggested by the PVA have significantly helped reduce my stress and given me something to look forward to now, since I’m on disability and cannot work a full time job. I recently became a member of the (PVA) The Paralyzed Veteran of America, to become a member you have to have an illness or incident that has rendered you with a spinal cord injury. Being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma is very serious and my condition was very serious I had 9 compression fractures in my spine, and had 3 major surgeries to correct and save my life. So after 1 1/2 years of recovery and doing well i was offered a paid position at the PVA which has immensely helped me with feeling like a productive part of society again even during this horrific pandemic that we are all experiencing.

So the challenges and task that the PVA has set for me, had helped me to accomplish task and get things done. I didn’t realize it but I was already using the POMODORE technique without even knowing it. Probably from my vast work experiences in the U.S. Navy and the as a Environmental Technician in the civilian sector, after retiring from the navy.
To answer your question about implementing a to do list in your life, i must say that is always something i have done. But responding to situations instead of reacting is a good way to stay focused. Also the discussion/ video on the 3 real stressors and the sub selves was very interesting to learn about, so i feel that there are areas that I definitely can improve on by being more creative in planning out my day and setting daily to do list.