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PRDV005: Time and Stress Management (Unit 2)

Unit 2 Time Estimate Activity

Part 1
It took me about 2 hours out of 5 to complete this unit. I watched the videos in the main YouTube site to increase the lecturer’s speech pace. I sometimes paused to take notes.

In the first video, I stopped to install the Todoist app and compared that with the app I was trying to use, which is Google Tasks. I haven’t really used this one often but I would like to. I’m still using pen-and-paper.

Anyway, what got my interest was the idea to track most things externally and to use our brains mainly to learn. As a person who overthinks a lot, this reduced my worries.

In the next videos, here are the concepts I got:

  • Consciously think about priorities
  • The true stressors are,
  1. False self
  2. Ineffective communication
  3. No higher belief
  • Prioritize based on your personal Eisenhower Matrix
  • Don’t react to a problem, respond
  • Use a linear, or parallel pursuit to efficiently complete a task

Part 2
I am trying to use a 20-minute pomodoro time to get up my chair and walk around. Not necessarily a 5 minute break every time.

My priorities this year are:

  1. Review for my licensure examination. I wasn’t completely serious when I was studying at university. I didn’t have any plans at those moments to prepare me for this particular point in my life. It’s becoming a struggle. The stressors that are affecting me with this priority is ineffective communication and a false-self who is saying that I don’t have enough time to review in order to get my license.
  2. Inner Peace. I am increasing my physical activity by cycling and walking more since July 1st this year. It feels alright but right now, it still feels like a chore I have to do. I know I will regret stopping so I’m pushing through. I hope to achieve this priority to help me with my first priority.

To anyone who would want to give feedback:

  1. I would like to know how managing your time has helped you achieve mental clarity.
  2. How many months did it take you to integrate writing a to-do list in your life?

Have a Good Day everyone!
Have Fun Learning


Great thoughts on all of this!

I have been using to-do lists for awhile, but I was guilty of having multiple post-it notes in addition to the long list. I find that I work best when I take some time at the beginning of the week to brain dump tasks, and then sort them throughout the week. I just need to be more consistent in performing that organization every week.

I like your idea of 20 minute pomodoros. And I am wishing you best of luck on your priorities for the year!