PRDV005: Time Estimate Activity - End of Unit Two



This is a response to the end of Unit Two: Identifying Stressors and Distractors for PRDV:005 Stress and Time Management.
This is for part two where the instructions are to post on the discussion form to get feed back from others and to get notes from the community to see how we can improve on what we have learned so far. Spoiler alert: This is just a summary of what I actually wrote.

In total unit two only took me about three hours to complete against the five hours that were recommended needed to complete this unit. I believe it only took me three hours because I was able to sit down and focus my attention on the topic at hand and take notes. I did have minor distractions, as I am working today and work from home, I did have to stop every now and again to take incoming calls and assist my technicians. I put my personal phone on vibrate and only checked it when I took a break, this helped a lot due to not having different notifications distracting me.

The Pomodoro Technique worked better for me in 15 minute intervals with 5 minute breaks, I work seven days a week from home and I’m constantly having to do something for work all day. So being able to limit the time that I give to something actually makes me more eager to return back to it so I can finish it. Usually on my 5 minute breaks I do something quick for work so I can return back to my original task at hand.


Good Day Jsimmons,

You did it great. Well done brother.

On my end, I finished it in just 2 hours and 40 minutes. Yet, I’m still able to grasp the idea behind. In my case, I was able to finish it early because I wanted to finish it early. So that I could finish this course asap.

For the Promodoro, this is not new to me, this is that I also took a course in Coursera, to be specific “Learning how to learn” and they also discussed the Promodoro effect and procrastination.
Promodoro gives me a strategy to make things complete in advance, not just the deadline. It gives me more free time that ever before.